Regulatory Capacity calculation process
West-Europe eletrical grid security checks
European institution, Energy sector
Codex, application framework
Event-driven ETL framework
European institution, Energy sector
Storm, Business Intelligence
ETL framework for financial and scientific reporting
Engie Global Markets, Energy sector
GVT, Governance Voting Tool
Online voting system
European institution, Energy sector
Positron, high-performance trading tool
Real-time, high-concurrency trading dashboard
Engie Global Energy Markets, Finance sector
Kirby, event-driven, distributed, data collection framework
kafka, etl, celery, monitoring
big-data, etl, open-source
Tourbillon, time series storage platform
Lont-term time-series database
Engie, Energy sector
Hydro, hyrdraulics asset management platform
hydraulics, xml, documents, devops
development, devops
ETS Security Framework
Software team security guidelines, hardening
Engie Global Energy Market
ETS Infrastructure
nginx, ssl, jenkins, ansible, postgres, azure, acl, ovh, load balancer, backup, monitoring, provisioning, networking, vlan, gitlab, iot
training, devops, cybersecurity
Swaggercheck, quality control tool
Open-source automated conformance tool
Dashi, web-based file sharing
django, rest, 2fa, javascript, vue.js, dropzone.js
development, open-source
Bluesnake, Rapid Application Development framework
Application framework for portfolio management apps
Engie, Energy sector
B2E2, renewable asset management platform
renewables, rest, timeseries, devops
development, etl, devops
Sigil, identity and permission manager
flask, rest, 2fa, javascript, knockout.js, excel
cybersecurity, development, open-source
Prove, business intelligence
backtesting, etl, reporting, plugin
development, etl
Haruba, web-based file sharing
flask, rest, 2fa, javascript, knockout.js, dropzone.js
cybersecurity, development
Data types, a scientific library
Sparse matrix based data structures for stochastic modeling
Engie, Energy sector
Ceeme Services
nginx, ssl, jenkins, ansible, docker, postgres, nfs, acl, ovh, load balancer, condor, backup, monitoring, shinken, jabber, provisioning
cybersecurity, devops
Volcano, sales reports
Business intelligence tool in medical sector
Phillips Medical, Medical devices sector
Kabuto, grid computing
docker, ammonite, servers, scripting
etl, training, development, open-source
Serious Game
Serious game for traders training
Engie University, Energy sector
Selenium Runner, parallel web application testing framework
docker, databases, containers, testing
devops, development
Clover, decision helping software/CRM
pyqt, qt, sqlite, neural network
big-data, training, devops, development
Openpyxl, open-source Python library
open-source, library, python, excel, xml
development, training, open-source