Clover, decision helping software/CRM

pyqt, qt, sqlite, neural network
big-data, training, devops, development

Clover is a decision-helping software aimed at insurance brokers operating under French law.

It was designed in collaboration with the “Strat√©gies d’avenir” bureau in Nancy for Groupe Sofraco.


Brokers can :

  • manage and share their client files
  • manage and share their agenda
  • track their revenues and activity using a dozen reports that can be exported in PDF
  • pre-fill complex legal documents and export them in PDF
  • using a community-maintained database, and an artificial neural network, Clover suggests the best products matching client needs by taking a large variety of information about each client into account


Clover runs on Mac OS, Linux and Windows and requires to be affiliated with Groupe Sofraco to work.

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