Sustainable development

Builders, not sellers

Builders, not sellers

Adimian was founded and is operated by technical people, not sales people.

We consider ourselves as craftsmen, and find pride and joy in building the best possible solutions for our clients. Of course, money is important but it has never been, and will never be, our priority.

We are your "A-team"

When dealing with highly technical challenges in stressful environments, we are the kind of people you want at your side.

We build robust, high quality systems, and we build them fast, because we know that time to market is critical for you.

We are your A-team
United in our difference

United in our difference

Though we all share the same set of values, you will not find two people alike at Adimian. Different backgrounds, different stories, different interests.

Our large diversity is an endless pool of wisdom and creativity.

Our latest work

ETS Security (2018) - Engie


  • writing security guidelines
  • writing incident response procedures
  • education of the customer team about threats and incident response
  • automating threat analysis
  • new datacenter pre-flight checks
  • monthly checkups to ensure guidelines are being followed and lessons are learned from incidents

Tourbillon (2017-2018) - Engie

Time series storage platform

  • can efficiently store several terabytes of time-series data
  • high ingestion rate, with throttling
  • optimized for fast queries
  • support for versionned timeseries, useful for forecasts
  • uses PostgreSQL recent features and streaming replication
  • advanced aggregation methods for physical data (e.g. energy)
  • multi-tenancy and flexible ACLs
  • dynamic user interface using Vue.js

Dashi (2017) - Engie

Web-based file sharing

  • allows to view and share files using a web interface and/or a REST API
  • supports 2-factor authentication using a smartphone app
  • supports files up to 4GB, but can be configured to handle even larger files
  • service built using Django, web interface built using Vue.js
  • user can drag-n-drop files to upload them
  • on-line edit is possible with certain file types