ETS Infrastructure

nginx, ssl, jenkins, ansible, postgres, azure, acl, ovh, load balancer, backup, monitoring, provisioning, networking, vlan, gitlab, iot
training, devops, cybersecurity
  • Continuous delivery of a dozen business critical web service over 60+ application servers
    • Several deployments per day, every day
  • Software is packaged and deployed using Python and npm packages, hosted on a Nexus server
  • Centralized logging using Fluent and Elasticsearch
  • Centralized metrics and alerting using InfluxDB/Telegraf/Kapacitor
  • Managing a cluster of several PostreSQL instances
  • Automated SSL certificates renewal
  • Configuration of 3 different VPNs
  • Connection, configuration and management of IoT devices
  • Day-to-day usage of Azure tools (includes troubleshooting broken Azure tools)
  • Ansible scripts take care of:
    • initial application setup
    • no-downtime rolling upgrades
    • disaster recovery
    • updating configuration for monitoring, Celery, firewall, IDS