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Applying at Adimian: recruiter edition

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Wait, why did I chose the word “recruiter” in the title?

On one hand, I want you to know that I’m not a recruiter, or I don’t consider myself to be one at least.
On the other hand I do have the responsibility to interview potential candidates after they’ve applied at Adimian. This is getting confusing…
Let me explain to you why applying at our company is different, what to expect and what not to expect.



First things first. The application process obviously begins with handing in your resume.
We receive a lot of resumes that we instantly identify as “spam” because it looks that the candidates just sprayed their resume to every IT shop in the country while crossing fingers.
I don’t know if this strategy works anywhere, but it will definitely land your resume straight into the “do not hire” stack at Adimian.
If you don’t have any idea on why you would be a good match for us, don’t expect us to figure it out for you.

This does not mean you should not apply, it means that those five minutes spent customizing your resume to highilght your relevant past experiences will earn you five more minutes of attention compared to a “generic” resume.

If you cannot find anything you think is worth highlighting in your resume, again, don’t expect us to dig too much either.

Cover letter

Keep in mind, a good CV is only good when sided by even better motivational letter, and you should always add one when applying for a job anyway. It helps putting your experiences into context, giving them an appealing shape.

Tip: no need for a separate PDF document, write your cover letter in the body of your e-mail and put the resume in attachments.

What makes a good cover letter for us ? You. Tell us about how your hobbies connect to your professional life, how you travelled the world, or how you learned to type on a keyboard without looking at your fingers.
We look for good people first, good engineers second, so tell us about your community involvement, your open source projects, what you think we could improve on of the way this industry works.

Avoid being cliché by stating why you are the perfect person for the position (perfect doesn’t exist BTW). Instead, share the things you excel at, enjoy doing, your experiences, etc. Follow that up by explaining where these characteristics align with the company values of Adimian.

“The perfect resume doesn’t exi…”
Darth Vader resume ©


You had our curiosity, but now you have our attention. At Adimian, we invite you to two interviews: a general introduction and a technical discussion.

The first session consists in giving you an overview of the company and our culture. Not only do we want to be persuaded about hiring you, we want you to feel the same. We want you to be 100% convinced that our company structure and culture is the type of environment you’d love to be a part of and thrive in.

If both parties are still keep on shaking hands, we can proceed to a second technical interview with our founder, Eric.

The Adimian-get-hired-cycle:
Phase 1: CV + motivational letter
Phase 2: Introduction talk
Phase 3: Technical talk
Phase 4: Contract negotiations & signing

Now, as mentioned before, we don’t apply typical interview practices.
Don’t expect cliché questions like “what are your strengths and weaknesses”, “reasons for hiring you”, “where do you see yourself in 5 years”, etc.
No code puzzles, ni riddles and no white board.

We believe in an open conversation setup in order to get to get introduced to one another in a stress-free environment.
Personally, I feel you get to know people more sincerely this way.

Hammering someone with questions from the get-go can cause them to behave in a completely different fashion as how they would normally, and that’s the “normal you” that will eventually become our co-worker.


Long story short: expect an open discussion, where you will debate philosophy, vent developer frustrations, talk about deep technical problems, and get trolled.
During this second interview, we’ll give you a very transparent overview of what we do at Adimian and get to know you while we’re at it.

Talk to you soon?