We went to EuroPython 2017

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This year Adimian was Gold sponsor of the EuroPython in Rimini.

Why sponsoring the event you will ask ? Turns out we have been building a business on the shoulders of the great Python community, so it seemed normal to give back at some point.

So in early July, we packed our laptops, spouses and kids and flew to Rimini for a week of work-ation.
Sometimes it’s easy to get swamped in your work and forget that there is a life outside of your terminal, and (for me it at least) it had a lot of positive effects on my morale and energy.
As a strong advocate of the work-life balance, I should follow my own recommendations sometimes.

Definitely, Rimini wasn’t the easiest place in Europe to go to. It’s a tourist beach-city located 2 hours from the closest international airport, and the traffic is really surprising when … well, when you’re not italian.

Aside from the transport, the venue was really fantastic, with comfortable seating and sound-systems. I wish the ULB had this kind of equipment for the next FOSDEMs.

Globally, talks were pretty unequal, as they always are in those kind of events. Some talks were pure marketing material, without any fact or even demo. On the other side, some were very enlightening and led to changes in the way we work.

For me, the most interesting talks were not really the technical ones, but definitely the ones who discussed the community, and the issues (and successes) this community had encountered. Here are a few examples:

Hope that next edition will bring even more non-technical talks of the same quality, because this kind of conversations are not yet very accessible through search engines.