Adimian is a Belgian leader in software engineering. For decades, our only obsession has been to improve our skillsets, to bring always more creative and robust solutions to our customers.

But we all start at the bottom, and even after years of studies and one or several degrees, it still takes years of deliberate practice before junior engineers can really show their full potential.

This is why we created our Adimian School program: in the same way we went to school to learn the basics of our job, Adimian is enrolling all its employees into a university-like curriculum addressing the realities of today’s workplace.

Ethics, Teamwork, Communication, Software Architecture, Cybersecurity, and many other topics are addressed in this several-years long educational program. Our ambition is to set the bar in the software development industry, and continuously improve ourselves.

Benefits for our customers

  • all Adimian engineers have permanent access to a mentor, eliminating roadblocks and ensuring constant progress in their work
  • a bi-weekly (or monthly) performance check-up with our customers to ensure everything is running as expected by all parties
  • customers do not need to spend resources training our developers, as a large part of their education is now supported by Adimian

Benefits for our team

  • through continuing education, we keep ourselves sharp and trained to a variety of interesting concepts
  • we avoid reinventing the wheel or making preventable mistakes
  • by focusing on both technical and non-technical skills, we improve our daily lives as individuals, not only as consultants