Jerry Pussinen

Jerry Pussinen

Senior developer, coach


Jerry's interest in robotics led him to study automation and intelligent systems. After graduating, he spent his time with 3D x-ray dental devices writing embedded C and C++ code for a large Finnish company.

The search for new challenges and faster paced working environment - not to mention his love for Python - brought Jerry to Adimian in 2017. Here he has broadened his expertise to web development.

Jerry is on his way to mastering the art of software craftsmanship.


  • Python developer
  • C, C++ (Qt), Java
  • Frontend development (JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3)
  • Robotics, Intelligent systems
  • Embedded software
  • Continuous Integration (Jenkins, GitLab)
  • Agile development, Scrum

Personal life

The desire to learn new programming skills in various fields keeps Jerry busy during evenings and weekends. He relaxes by making long walks with his wife and dog.

Going to the gym and running serve as a balance to the long days spent on his laptop.